Fenix CL23

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The CL23 is the first camping lamp from Fenix where the front part of the bundle can be switched on. This allows you to cook your pot without dazzling yourself or read a book without keeping others awake. The lamp works on 1, 2 or 3 AA batteries which can be very useful when there is no power supply.

Just like other camping lamps, the CL23 can be hung up, but it can also be attached to a tripod, which is super handy when you want to use it for photography. The neutral white light gives extra good color reproduction.

At the bottom of the lamp there is also an LED with which you can shine down or even use the CL23 as a flashlight while walking. Red light can be chosen to save night vision or to draw attention to you. With regard to mounting and lighting options, the Fenix CL23 is the next step in camping lighting!

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