Cleaning an quilt

Washing your quilt ensures a longer life of your quilt.

But how should you wash your quilt? There are 2 ways. 1 hand wash your quilt in a bath or large tub, 2 wash in a washing machine.

When washing your quilt by hand, you will need:

  • Bath or tub
  • Lukewarm water
  • Detergent for down products (example Nikwax or Granger down wash)

Fill your tub or bath with water and add your detergent. Submerge your quilt so that it is completely submerged.

Wash your quilt gently, piece by piece, until you've washed the entire quilt. Let your quilt soak for another hour. After an hour, empty the bath or tub and fill it with clean water. Make sure all foam is rinsed from the quilt before you push all the water out of your quilt.

Be careful not to wring out your quilt.

Shake your quilt so that there are already fewer down clumps in your quilt. Let your quilt dry in a well-ventilated place. When the quilt is dry, you should try to pluck out all the down so that the quilt has its original volume back.


To wash your quilt in the washing machine, you should choose a low/cold temperature and also use a special down detergent for washing in the washing machine. Preference is given to a washing machine with a front loader.

Prepare the washing machine to wash your quilt. Check the drum for any leftover items, put the detergent in the machine and place your quilt in a large laundry bag. The bag protects your quilt from drum bumps. Put this bag of quilt in the machine. Select a program with a low temperature and activate extra rinse.

After washing, check that all suds are out of the quilt. If the suds are not out of the quilt, put the machine on a rinse program and put the quilt in the washing bag back in the machine. Manual rinsing is of course also possible. If the quilt is now completely clean and foam-free, the quilt can be dried.

Again, you can let your quilt dry in a well-ventilated area.

Drying in the dryer can also only be done at a low / cold temperature and balls in the drum to prevent the lumps of the down.

When the quilt is now completely dry, the quilt can be cleaned up just like how you tidy up a blanket for the summer. Give the quilt enough space to keep the fibers of the down nice and fluffy.