Use of a Hangtime hook

What is a Hangtime Hook? A hangtime hook is a piece of hardware that you can hang from your internal ridgeline. The Hangtime Hook (HTH) has a slot through which you have to feed the ridgeline. When you have done this, the HTH will hang independently on the ridgeline.

Now it is possible that the HTH will shift a bit when you lie in the hammock. There is a supplied cable stopper for this, which you put over the ridgeline. Please note that you have to loosen the internal ridgeline to be able to mount the cable stoppers.

But what can you actually do with an HTH? You can clamp a telephone in the mouth of the HTH, a small fan, a flashlight, etc. The HTH has the possibility to hang various things on your ridgeline.

Features of the HTH:
Material: plastic
Weight: 48 grams

Hangtime Hook setup