Washing a hammock


In this HOW TO we will explain how you can wash your hammock.


What do we need:

  • a dirty hammock
  • a large bucket
  • a little detergent or dish soap


The question that regularly arises is whether it is possible to wash your hammock? Yes this is possible.


You do not have to completely disassemble the hammock for this, but this makes the washing process
easier. Remove all loose items from and on your hammock to prevent damage to the hammock.
It is also useful to detach the mosquito net from the body of the hammock.


Fill a large bucket or bath with warm soapy water, you can just use some washing-up liquid for this
use. Place the hammock in the bucket or bath and move the hammock back and forth through the soapy water.


Rinse all the suds from the hammock with clean water with a shower hose or leave the bucket or bath full
walk with clean water and move the hammock up and down in the bucket with clean water.


Let your hammock dry naturally by simply hanging it up. Just take care of it
that the hammock is completely dry before you put it away.


And your hammock is completely clean again.