Tarp tie outs with Fleaz


In this HOW TO we are going to make 4 tie outs for a tarp.


What do we need:

4 fleaz
4 pegs
6m - 8m lash it or sing it (1,75mm is ideal for this)
1m shockcord of 2mm or 3mm
Knife or scissors
We are going to do the following:


We cut / cut the elastic to size and make 4 pieces of 25m long. Then cut / cut the Lash it or sing it to size and make 4 pieces of 1.5m / 2m long.


Now we take a piece of shockcord and a flea and feed the shockcord through the hole of the flea. Now we take a corner of a tarp and tie the shockcord to the tarp. One tarp has d-rings and the other includes stainless steel rings, that’s no difference. Now we tie the shockcord with the flea to the d-rings or to the rings. You create a loop of approx 12,5cm with a flea on it.



Now the tarp is ready and we can start mounting the lash it / zing it on the pegs. You can attach the thread with a simple knot or by splitting the thread and making a continious loop.



When the tarp is hung and you want to tension the tarp, you put the herring in the ground and take the lash it / sing it and hook it into the mouth of the flea and set the tarp to the desired tension. Then you tighten the tension on the tarp through the thread along the wing of the flea. Now the shockcord absorbs the blows of strong wind etc. 


And when tidying up the tarp, the wires no longer get tangled and you don't lose pegs quickly because the wire is now attached to the herring. Just wrap the wire around your herring and you're done.



The wire used here (photos) is 2 mm thick and that is the maximum thickness that you can use with the Flea.