* Custom Chameleon Single Layer


How does a custom order work?

The Chameleon is a complete hammock designed from the ground up by Dutchware. Each of the components that go into the Chameleon has been developed to create a versatile and modular lightweight hammock that easily adapts to its environment. Because you can remove and replace components, such as the bugnet for the top cover, the Chameleon will be a versatile hammock, and perhaps the only hammock you'll ever need.

The Chameleon body is an 11ft hammock and made from Hexon W16 1.6 ribbed fabric. The Chameleon is available in 2 widths: Regular and Wide. The Regular is 1.47m (58 ") and the Wide is 1.72m (68") wide. The Chameleon contains Continious Loops, Structural Ridgeline, Bugnet and Tieouts from shockcord.

The weight of the Regular is 437 grams without mosquito net. With mosquito net 605 grams. The weight of the Wide is 484 grams without mosquito net. With mosquito net 628 grams.


Custom orders are orders specific to a customer and cannot be exchanged or the purchase cannot be dissolved.

How does a custom order work?

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