Insect shield Tick Off

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Anti tick and mosquito repellent based on the active ingredient IR3535.

In view of the increasing problems with Lyme disease, but also the risk in general of having an infection after a tick bite, Sentz® has actively sought a new and better remedy for these bugs. There are a number of products on the market today, but these are often not efficient enough, too toxic or not suitable for children. After long research, it has been concluded that our formula, based on the active ingredient IR3535, offers optimal protection against mosquitoes and ticks for a duration of +/- 8 hours. Research shows that IR3535 also protects against other crawling and flying pests, but the Sentz® Tick-Off is extremely effective against mosquitoes and ticks. Due to the fact that Sentz® Tick-Off uses only half of the active substance compared to other products on the market, Sentz® Tick-Off can be said to be the best and safest product on the market, given an almost identical result in terms of protection. . In addition, Sentz® Tick-Off is not harmful to the environment and may be used on children under 3 years old.

Active substance: 20% Ethyl N-acetyl-N-butyl-beta-alanine

Admission number NL-0018472-000

Shelf life: 18 months

Product can be used for children over 1 year old. An adult should apply the product to children under 10 years old.

Flammable liquid and vapor.

Content: 100 Ml

| Barry hendriksen

Werkt erg goed! Geen mug in de buurt gehad. Staat niet op het flesje maar werk volgens mij ook tegen dazen. Ze landen wel op mijn been maar vliegen gelijk weer weg. En het grote voordeel is het stink niet nagenoeg geurloos!

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