UGQ Winterdream

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The UGQ Outdoors Winterdream tarp is a tarp that has been on the market for years and is used by many outdoor people. This winter tarp has stainless steel rings on the ridgeline and on the tie-out points. This makes it easy to hang the tarp from the ridgeline and mount your own system for the tie-out points.

The Winterdream tarp has doors with press studs to close the tarp against rain and wind. The pole mods are also included in the tie out points. When the tarp is hung and the poles are in the pole mods and you also have the doors closed with the press studs, you have plenty of space where your hammock can hang without any problems.

UGQ has made this tarpen from 20D coated Silpoly that absorbs almost no water and can withstand UV better than Silnylon. The tarps are tripple stitched to ensure good durability. The tarp comes with a seam seal kit to ensure that your tarp does not leak during use.

Click here for an explanation of how to seam seal the Winterdream.

Specifications of the Winterdream:

  • Ridgeline length 144” or 3.66m
  • Width (total) 116” or 2.95m
  • Weight: 584 grams
  • The tarp doesn’t have panel pull outs like on the photo

Included with the tarp:

  • Seam sealing kit
  • Pole set (2 folding poles of 132” or 3.35m. Foldable to about 19” or 48cm)
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